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Boost Your Sales Performance with Expert
Secret Shopping & In-Depth Audits

Boost Your Sales Performance with Expert Secret Shopping & In-Depth Audits

Discover what's really happening at your store or vendor booth with this comprehensive secret shopping service. Get tailored, data-driven insights to increase your sales and elevate your business.

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Are you a store owner or vendor looking to optimize your customer experience and maximize sales?

Uncover the hidden opportunities and areas for improvement with this expert secret shopping and in-depth store audit service.

Your professional secret shopper will assess your store or booth and provide a detailed report to help you create the ultimate shopping experience.

This service includes:

Shop or Booth Layout

We'll examine the overall layout, flow, and organization of your store or booth, identifying any areas that may be hindering customer engagement or causing confusion.

Product Offering, Relevancy
and Seasonality

We’ll see if your product offering makes sense for your area's target market, give tips and product ideas that could help you sell more in your area, and indicate if the packaging is hindering or promoting your shop's sales.

Displays & Signage

We'll assess the effectiveness of your displays, visuals, and signage, providing actionable insights to help you showcase your products in the best possible light.

Pricing & Promotions

We'll analyze your pricing structure and promotional offers, ensuring they are competitive and well-communicated to your target audience.

Cleanliness & Maintenance Inspection

We'll check for any cleanliness or maintenance issues that could negatively impact your customers' perceptions, helping you maintain a pristine shopping environment.

Customer Service

Our expert will evaluate the quality of your customer service, providing feedback on staff interactions, responsiveness, and overall helpfulness.

Checkout Experience Evaluation

We'll assess the efficiency and convenience of your checkout process, identifying any areas that may be causing delays or frustrations for your customers.

Comprehensive Reporting

You'll receive a detailed report with our findings, complete with actionable recommendations to improve your store or booth's performance and customer satisfaction.

Why choose this secret shopping service?

Why choose this secret shopping service?

  • Expert analysis from a secret shopper, with over 25 years of selling, retail merchandising, retail management, and logistics experience
  • Objective, data-driven insights to drive tangible improvements
  • Tailored recommendations to suit your specific business needs
  • Fast turnaround time - receive your report within days of the visit
  • Ongoing support (if wanted) to help you implement changes and monitor progress

Don't leave your store's success to chance!

Invest in this secret shopping and store audit service today and unlock the full potential of your business.


Book your secret shopper visit now and start optimizing your store or booth for maximum success!

Audit Your Shop for $125

*Currently only serving Wake County and surrounding areas in North Carolina.
More areas will be available soon!