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You Design and Stock Your Space...
Painted Tree Boutiques Takes Care of the Rest.

You Design and Stock Your Space...
Painted Tree Boutiques Takes Care of the Rest.

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Whether you’re experienced or new to the game, all it takes for someone to open their own shop is talent and a dream.

Discover the advantage of shared resources, costs, and success in this reimagined co-retailing space.

Painted Tree Boutiques

Do you dream of opening your own retail space and attracting a whole new audience?

But that's more work than you bargained for. Having employees, keeping up with stock, purchasing or leasing the perfect location...it sounds too overwhelming!

Imagine having a space where the retailer...

  • runs the cash register so you can sell items without being present
  • collects and pays your sales tax
  • pays all the store bills like water, electric, property taxes, insurance, etc.
  • hires and trains the cashiers and staff
  • promotes and advertises the store with their full-time marketing team
  • creates special events to drive traffic to the store
  • writes you a check once a month for all of your sales.
Painted Tree Boutiques

What is Painted Tree Boutiques?

Painted Tree Boutiques is a creative community of shops where hundreds of vendors, all under one roof, sell unique and quality items to thousands of shoppers in high-end markets across the country.

They provide an opportunity for shop owners to follow their dreams with less risk and less stress – in an unbeatable atmosphere!

Painted Tree Boutiques has locations across the United States including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, *Georgia, *Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, *North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, *Tennessee, *Texas, Utah, and *Virginia.

*multiple locations

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With years of experience in multiple locations across the country, Painted Tree Boutiques brings a high level of professionalism to all stores to help you succeed. They take marketing your business to the next level with an on-staff marketing team and a nationally recognized advertising agency to oversee many proven methods to most effectively reach the shopping public.

In fact, there are no work requirements! Painted Tree Boutiques works for you, not the other way around. View your sales online in real time so that you know when to restock. Their team goes the extra mile to make the vendor experience the best it can be. Not only do they resource their vendors in multiple ways to help them succeed, Painted Tree Boutiques also has highly trained staff that knows the value of customer service in supporting you and your shoppers.

Become a Shop Owner and See Your Business Flourish

Step 1: Apply

Select the location(s) where you’d like to be a shop owner, and tell them about yourself and what you’d like to sell.

Step 2: Pick Your Space

Choose the perfect spot for your business using our easy-to-use interactive map.

Step 3: Set Up Shop

Design and stock your space, and Painted Tree Boutiques will take care of the rest (sales, taxes, etc.)!

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