Teaching artisans, craftspeople, vintage sellers, and suppliers how to build thriving small businesses online.


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Taught by leading E-Commerce and Handmade Industry experts, Flourish's program will do more than teach you how to sell online. We will teach you to scale  your handmade business to reach a global  audience and build your brand.

To that end, we provide:

A supportive learning  community of like-minded entrepreneurs

Weekly training on e-commerce & marketing techniques

Daily guidance and support from industry experts and advisors

Discounts on small business tools, resources, and services

Joining the Flourish Craft Commerce Community is one of the BEST  investments you can make for your small business.

While there are plenty of articles, YouTube videos, books, and blogs out there to teach craftpreneurs how to grow a business, they stop short of offering you continued up to date guidance and support. This is where Flourish comes in.

Flourish provides weekly training and guidance to makers, vintage sellers, and suppliers eager to grow a thriving online business, but even more than that, we offer our members community where they can get support in REAL time as often as they need it.

As a Flourish member, you have your own personal team of experienced  e-commerce experts ready to give you advice & support with the click of a button. This means you have someone to reach out to anytime you have a challenge building your small business.

Inside the Flourish community, our advisors are ready to answer questions and offer guidance daily. These advisors have a proven track record in building e-commerce businesses and are passionate about helping the maker community.

The Flourish advisor team specializes in:

*  Selling

*  Pricing

*  Mindset

*  Wholesale

*  Copywriting

*  Web Design

*  Social Media

*  Target Market

*  Brand Building

*  Graphic Design

*  Email Marketing 

*  Product Photography

*  Craft Shows & Events

*  Finance, Taxes & Accounting

*  SEO (Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify)

*  Etsy, Goimagine, Amazon, Shopify & FAIRE


Flourish offers training to help our members create profitable businesses by selling online and in person. We specialize in e-commerce strategy using online marketplaces like Etsy, Goimagine, and Amazon Handmade.

When our sellers are ready to take on wholesale we teach them how to set up shop using the Faire platform, and when they’re ready to grow onto their own site, we provide training on how to build standalone websites using Shopify (our recommendation for product sellers).

Flourish is a virtual community full of REAL people who come together to grow together.

You will be interacting with focused business strategists who are knowledgeable and honest about what works and what doesn't. You will also be joining other like-minded entrepreneurs who are here to support and celebrate each other along the way. Our community is positive, encouraging and uplifting. It’s a safe space for members to ask questions and share stories. We believe that rising tides lift all ships and celebrate wins no matter how big or small!

This is YOUR TIME.

Joining Flourish means the road ahead will be exciting, challenging and ultimately, one of the most rich and valuable experiences of your life. You are signing up to be part of a global community of like minded entrepreneurs who are also taking charge of their own journey and developing vital skills for fulfillment and success in their businesses.

Join the Flourish Community!

*BONUS: your membership fee is also a write off! So use that tax deduction, and we will ensure you have a team in your corner to help you overcome all the bumps on the road to entrepreneurship.