7 Essential Tips for Building an Online Handmade Business

small business development Oct 09, 2023

Hey there, creative souls! 😊 So, you've decided to join the digital marketplace, huh? You're bursting with excitement, you've listed your first few items online, and now you're waiting for the sales to roll in like a tidal wave. Instead, you hear... crickets. 🦗 Sound familiar?

Before you start second-guessing your skills and consider throwing in the towel, let me share a little secret: You're not alone. I get it, the digital landscape can be overwhelming, but let's keep it real. Success doesn't happen overnight, especially not in the world of e-commerce. Don't be disheartened; you're just getting started!

Why Aren't You Selling Anything?

I speak to online sellers every day, and the big question is always, "Why am I not selling anything?" Well, have you done any market research? Have you created products that consumers want? Have you worked on making your products irresistible online? No? Then we've found your bottleneck. Having an online store might have a lower barrier to entry than a physical shop, but that doesn't mean it’s effortless.

So, let's talk about ways to boost your online shop's performance.

Tip #1: Branding, Baby!

If you've chosen a shop name like "Jane's Creations," "John's Designs," or "Linda's Studio," you may be missing the mark. While such names may be ideal for photographers or service-based businesses, they may not effectively attract your ideal customer when you're selling products. Your brand name should resonate not just with your target audience, but also encapsulate the vibe & aesthetic of your brand, or unique skill set you bring to your craft. Take the time to brainstorm a unique, catchy name and pair it with a memorable tagline that tells visitors exactly what to expect from your shop. And remember, in the digital age, an easily spellable name is key, as potential customers will be typing it into search bars.

Tip #2: Picture Perfect Products

Bad photos are the bane of online sellers. If your product photos are grainy, dark, or distracting, you're doing yourself a disservice. Your potential customers can't physically touch or try your products, so your photos and descriptions need to fill in those sensory gaps. If photography isn't your forte, hire a pro. Seriously, invest in this.

Tip #3: Be an SEO Ninja

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your best friend in the digital world. Every online marketplace, from Etsy to Amazon, uses search algorithms. The better your SEO game, the higher the likelihood people will find your products during a search. Spend time learning how to optimize your titles, tags, and copy. Do keyword research and define the terms your audience uses to search for your products online.

Tip #4: Tell Your Story

People shop from small businesses because they crave that personal touch. Your story matters. So, in your "About" section, spill the beans about your creative journey. Share your inspirations, post pictures of your workspace, and introduce your family if you'd like. Make it a visual and emotional journey for your visitors.

Tip #5: Create Raving Fans

Good customer service isn't just good business; it's good branding. Have you read 'Raving Fans' by Ken Blanchard? If not, it’s a must-read! Go above and beyond to establish rapport and trust. People appreciate kindness, and kindness breeds loyalty.

Tip #6: Price It Right

Handmade doesn't mean cheap. Price your products according to their value and the effort you've put into creating them. Don't undercut your skills by trying to compete with big-box stores on price. Customers will pay for quality.

Tip #7: Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Adopting a growth mindset could be the key to unlocking your online selling potential. Be open to feedback, be ready to pivot, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Peaks and valleys are a part of business, so don't fret when things seem a bit stagnant. Use it as a moment to reassess and relaunch.

Wrapping It Up

Yes, setting up a successful online business takes time, effort, and a good dose of perseverance. But once you've put in the groundwork, things will get easier, I promise! The key is to focus, learn, and adapt.

Until next time, keep creating and keep selling! 💪🎨

*Happy crafting!* ✨

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