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$395 (One-Time Payment)

(Normally $14.95/month)

Only 10 slots available!

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Flourish is a virtual community full of REAL people who come together to grow together.

Taught by leading E-Commerce and Handmade Industry experts, our program will do more then teach you how to sell online, we will teach you to scale your handmade business to reach a global audience and build your brand.

Flourish provides weekly training and guidance to makers, vintage sellers, and suppliers eager to grow a thriving online business, but even more than that, we offer our members community where they can get support in REAL time as often as they need it.

As a Flourish member, you have your own personal team of experienced e-commerce experts ready to give you advice & support with the click of a button. This means you have someone to reach out to anytime you have a challenge building your small business.

Business BFF Program

Birthday Sale Price: $395

(Normally $695)

Only 20 slots available!

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Together, you and Sarah will brainstorm and strategize how best to build and grow your handmade brand.

This coaching program was named “Business BFF” not because it is cute and catchy (which it totally is) but because for all purposes that is what you will have! Sarah will be your “go to” person when you want to brainstorm or need a helping hand!

The BFF annual program is split into 4 quarters and includes:

  • 4 one-on-one video strategy sessions (1 per quarter)

  • On demand access via text or FB messenger

  • Exercises & Brainstorming via a Private FB BFF Group

  • Business Features across the Make & Flourish and Artisan Indie Social Media sites with over 100,000 fans and followers combined

  • Inspiration & Motivation to help you overcome business burnout and improve your mindset in your daily life

Business Brainstorm

Birthday Sale Price: $95

(Normally $195)

Only 20 slots available!

Purchase Business Brainstorm

Who doesn’t love a good brainstorming session? Time to get inspired and make a plan to get your business moving forward!

This session will take place via video messenger on Facebook. Together with Sarah, you will brainstorm new product and business ideas to increase your visibility, web traffic and sales! If you would love to toss some ideas around with an online sales and marketing expert, now is the time! Limited spots available, so if you see this open, grab it now and get to work! Brainstorming sessions with Sarah usually last 30-45 minutes depending on the individual businesses needs.

You can pocket these sessions to use as needed throughout the year. You will be contacted to schedule your session after purchase. If you aren’t ready to schedule, no problem! Contact Sarah via FB messenger or email [email protected] and let her know when you are ready, and she will send you a link to schedule then. These sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Online Shop Critique

Birthday Sale Price: $45

(Normally $95)

Only 20 Slots Available!

Purchase Shop Critique

Have you ever wondered if you were missing sales opportunities in your Etsy shop or website?

In this shop critique, Sarah will go through your online storefront and record a critique to show you what areas you have opportunity to change to increase sales and what areas you are really doing well in.

You will watch and hear how the look and feel of your e-commerce website is affecting the shopping experience. Sarah will cover multiple topics within the critique including branding, design, pricing, product photography, SEO, and more!

Sarah takes a unique approach when critiquing your online shop. She looks through the eyes of both your target audience and her own as an online sales strategist. Stop spinning your wheels and let Sarah take the guesswork out of running your online business. You will be given priceless advice and actionable steps to take to improve the overall look, feel, and guest experience within your virtual storefront.